Today is not one of my best days. Rather, today is my best day on earth. This is because, today, I take you as my husband. Today is good because my friendship with you has grown into a ship that shall soon contain our children.

Through thick, through thin, you have been with me. You share in my tears such that, while my eyes did the flowing, your voice did the groaning. My tears recognize you because you have always stopped them from landing safely on the ground, intercepting them at the region of my cheeks. Today, I take you, the shoulders I can cry on, as my husband. Today is my best day.

I have reposed confidence in many and that confidence has been disposed of by many. You are different. You stand out. You might have fallen below standard a few times but you always had a way of making it right. So, today, before God and before the more than a million people that are gathered here, I take you, my confidential confidant, as my husband. Today is my best day.

I marry you because I trust you. I love you. You love me. Of the things we have in common, love is the greatest. I have led a selfish life. I thought I was making myself alone happy. However, you made me discover that happiness is about making other people comfortable. I want to make yours comfortable. Marrying you is making myself your helper. I become a help meet for you. Today, I take you, my lover, as my husband. Today is my best day.

The night shall come. But the morning shall arrive and wrest power from it. When the curtain is drawn and you are alone, I shall appear like Brenda, your favorite fairy, and begin the opera. And when the curtain is undrawn, I will show you some of the comic theatrics I have picked up over the years. Today, I take you, my audience, as my husband. Today is my best day.

They say that the one with the right is the one who is right. You are the right one for me. You did right by paying my bride price, the price giving you a right over me. You are olowo ori mi. I am yours till death does us asunder. Therefore, today, I take you, olowo ori mi, as my husband. Today is my best day.



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