There is one thing I know for sure,

More true than any previous Law,

My God is the first and last authority,

My God is the very being of sovereignty.

When times are good,

My God is sovereign,

When things be as they should,

My God is sovereign,

When the world falls into place,

No need of a journey retraced,

Nothing misplaced,

When I am able to feel His embrace.

My God is sovereign.

Now, don’t misunderstand – I know this is a big claim,

And I also know it is easy to say God is sovereign

when there is rain,

When the Holy Spirit is aflame – and there is no pain.

But what about when times are rough?

When it seems that God is not enough

Or when it seems God is far away

When no Word is coming after rigorous time spent on the altar,

Or presence in His absence,

That is when I truly know He can’t be undone.

My God is sovereign.

When I am crushed and full of despair,

My God is sovereign.

When everything in life is unfair,

My God is sovereign.

When the world of lies comes crashing in,

When I am reminded of my forgiven sin or with my hurting past

He I find myself uncomfortable I my own skin,

And pain erupts from deep within,

My God is sovereign.

He is the supreme ruler and He knows best,

How thankful I am that He doesn’t operate at my behest,

But instead reminds me “you are blessed”.

“When you confessed, I became Lord of your life – no longer a guest,

Now my spirit makes is home in me – am at rest,

Don’t live stressed, depressed and repressed – I am in control,

Jesus paid the toll

So that you could once again come to Him,

No longer hidden behind humanity’s fateful tree,

For He is in you, and you are in Him”.

No greater truth can be made known,

No greater faith can be shown,

than to declare out loud and truly begin

to believe and accept that your God is sovereign.




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