With just fifteen minutes to the end of the exam and two more questions left unanswered, I was racking my brain to get it done but the questions were like going up to one mountain of thousand and one feet. Since I didn’t want to cheat in my exam, I devised a method; wrote the questions in my answer booklet word for word.

Then came the end of the exam. Movements began, students discussing in pairs as if there had been a terrorist attack in the school.

Yusuf asked in an anxious tone ‘Guy wetin you get for question two?’

‘I don forget my brother’, was my reply.

He replied sharply, ‘it’s okay’ and he disappeared into the thin air.

I knew if I had told him I didn’t attempt the question, he would have started his explanation on how to go about it with much candor and enthusiasm, which would have been regretful seeing how he would dish it out from his temple of knowledge.

Thinking out loud and soliloquizing on my way home.

‘What could have been the reason I couldn’t answer those questions’?

‘Was it because of that busty girl beside me that kept a random peep on my answer booklet’?

‘NO!’ I exclaimed.

Oh my goodness’ I remembered, it was because of Damilola, my roommate.

I kept thinking of how callous I was with him that morning in the examination hall. It dawned on me how I could have turned this around today.

Woke up that morning to see Damilola destroying a bowl filled with the famous colourful rice after a long jacking through the night. I wanted to stand up to the occasion and join him in clash of the titans but I remembered his stingy prowess and I stayed ‘asleep’.

I was really furious at this attitude of his. I kept on yearning for my own share of the food. But I had my own plan – to show him how wicked I can be.

As soon as he left for the bathroom after the disaster he had caused the bowl, I jumped up to execute my plan.

With rage, I took his well ironed-starched shirt and dipped it into a bucket filled with the universal solvent and I left for the kitchen.

On getting to the kitchen, I saw another bowl filled with the same amount of the same meal he just consumed with a note beside it.


It says, ‘Brother, I didn’t want to disturb your sleep, enjoy yours!’





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